farther_hope (farther_hope) wrote,

find your happiness

hold your breath
and count to 10

so on friday (Max's b-day btw) i hung out with mel and jen
their cool
we listened to lemenade and sang like crazy people
had some sushi and i finally saw markos after a long fucking time
after we left mel me and jen started driving up this street where on one side was this church and on the other was some grass
hovering over the egde of the grass part was this creepy looking old man and for some reason he scared the shit out of us
after i saw him out of the corner of my eye i ducked so he wouldnt see me and istarted freaking out (dont know why) and yeah we were both really scared of him for some reason, jen said he was looking at me
couldnt go to sleep that night

today i was suppsoed to do my etiquette project bu we procrastinated for 4 hours and went on a taco run
then i went home took a nap , made a thousand phone calls, ended in some wrong numbers and jen ended up dropping by
we went to walmart and stole some shit
i got a new rainbow brite watch
very nice
then we came back o my place and watched cabaret
than i ditched her because max called and yeah
didnt ean to , jen <.>
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