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so yeah v day was nice
got lotsa chocolates and scary guy gave me a glow in the dark care bear
on v day everything went as planned minus ash and we made that food, ill have to see if mel has a pic of it or what but it all looked awsome
we set it up in mels closet....yeah you can imagine how well we fit in there x.X
but eh
afterwards when it was only me and mel we decided it was nap time and shit but we ended up calling libby and getting strunk
and uh hanging out with markos then visiting ash at gengi's
it was a nice v day
i always have shitty ones
like really shity
like something shity, completely out of the ordinary always happens on v day
i havent been feeling well and everythings been sucking but not TOO badly
oh well itl all be ok by saterday
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