farther_hope (farther_hope) wrote,


and the random guys keep coming
its too fucking weird...
that crazy jc guy like invited me to this bar-b-q thing yesterday but i didnt wanna go.... <.>
then today i started talking to this other guy, thats been on my msn for like forever and he called me just now
he wants to go to olive garden...pretty neat
hes got money and hes pretty cute
hmmmm i guess God like knew i lost something major so he must be trying to fill in the gaps or something
isnt that awfull sweet
but whatev
M.Andy is gonna send me stuffies for my birthday...i can wait for my birthday
ill prolly have it gengis , where theyl have to close it down for the day
its just too many fucking people!
but yeah school blows, lifes ok , and you suck
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