farther_hope (farther_hope) wrote,

one love

yesterday was a nice day
i dont think i was all there yesterday, because i was totally calm and i had tests in nearly all of my classes
and kitty brought sushi
wonderful things happened
went to the critter shop in search of the perfect snake
i did fall in love with one, but he was too old for me
i want a baby one
an albino python thing
then i went to kays pets and they let me hold some!
their gonna breed the ones i want, so maybe by then ill have a job
and like buy everything it needs
and ill name him james
or jay
or if its a girl ill name her eve
or daisy....
because it'l be a "beautiful little fool"
that daisy was a bitch though, in the great gatsby
careless bitch
so daisy it is
i dont know whats going on tonight?
theres supposed to be something happening but its 7:30 and im at home....
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